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Make way for your Potential

“Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you but to help you realise your hidden potential and power, let difficulties know that you too are difficult” Dr Abdul Kalam.

Each of us have so much potential. Do you agree with that statement? Or does it seem like a distant dream? Often seeing and affirming the potential in those closest to us is easier than to our closest self.

How do we fail ourselves? We fail to acknowledge the good things we have done. We fail to acknowledge that we are enough, to create extraordinary things in our lives. We fail to acknowledge those that do see our potential and have spoken to us about it, but we have dismissed them and their words. You may not realise it, but you have possibly limited yourself for a long time now.

It is time to start seeing your potential with great clarity of sight, sound, and feeling. Make way for your potential.

If you can see what great potential, then you will open your day, your week, your year to great ventures. Because you are a person of potential and possibility. That means you will be active towards your goals and that makes you a hero for your life. Think of how much more others can grow around you, because you have started to see your potential.

How would that feel? Living your potential….. just be aware of any image, or sound, or feeling pulling or holding you back from that path. It might be from a memory a decision a belief that was formed by you to give meaning to an event. An event that was detrimental to seeing your potential. An event where something happened to doubt your potential. What would it take to let that go?

This is the journey of life coaching. Not only discovering your goals but also removing that bad programming we have taken on at certain events in our lives. Nothing has meaning until we give it meaning. Do yourselves a favour, start giving positive meaning to all the events of your life.

If we nurture others and ourselves with potential then greater things can happen. The power to realise potential or not is very apparent in this story of two identical twins each brought up in separate families, one of nurturance, and the other not.,+Separated+Twins

The story shows that the power of nurturance and seeing ones potential can overcome genetic coding. Even to the result that one twin was shorter than the other, more oppressed mentally and less successful in her career and in health. Do you see how important his is now?

So start today, realise your potential. Write down all the things you have done that prove your potential. See again, hear again, feel again all your victories. Realise from today your great potential and keep company with those that realise it also. Make an awesome vision wall of what is possible. Start today to realise your vision for tomorrow. If you don’t realise your hidden potential then who will, who are you waiting for to magically set you free, it is up to you to acknowledge your God given potential within.

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”
Mahatma Gandhi

if you are interested in going even further with discovering your potential then get in contact with me and ask about a course I run for setting a vision for your life. It comes with a 90day work book that gives you the skills to realise your potential.

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