Service is everything

29th Sunday in ordinary time


Service is the hallmark of a great person. This week I look at Jesus’ comment to his discoples while presenting a child to them: “if you want to be the greatest you must serve”.


For some reason we tend to think of great leaders as those that give commands to servants. While the least are those that serve and have to take commands from big bosses and receive little pay. Then, Jesus comes along and says, no, servants are better. Trust Jesus to change the rules. But history proves his words right. Some of the greatest people: ghandi, mother Teresa, all won our hearts because of one strong character strength, their service to the the least and to humanity. It makes sense even in business. The greatest companies create the greatest service to the most amount of people, think of Google, Apple, they all provide so much in service, that is why we give them so much money because they serve our needs. So it seems what Jesus is saying is to be greatest in heaven and even earth you must be someone that serves.


So have you been serving?
In your family, when was the last time you washed something for someone, did some work around the house.
In your career, when was the last time you helped someone out in their work
In your relationship, when was the last time you cooked dinner, cleaned the dishes.
In your society, when was the last time you donated money to a worthy cause,
In this lovely world, when was the last time you worked on something to make the world a better place for people now, and to come.


I was at a rally on the weekend, a march for babies yet to be born. It felt good to be there and listen to passionate people wanting to serve these babies yet to be born. I love that. I think the sign of service is the hallmark of a great person. They realise that life is a gift and they work hard to protect that gift. Interestingly those that have had abortion are often pushed into it because they are surrounded by friends and family that don’t want to help or serve a single parent. Actually it isn’t interesting it is sad, sad that a mother would come to that decision and sad she would have to deal with that loss. It’s incredible that it has taken so many billions of years for humans to be formed from creation and now we have companies making drugs to kill through abortion. It is a big business abortion and that feeds into IVF. I think it is sad that we live in a time of such great loss. We could blame the companies, schooling system, our culture, parenting, the list goes on. But it really comes down to the individual, are you ready to serve the other. Or even as Jesus says are you ready to offer your life for the other. Jesus offered his life for people in order for us to have relationship with his father the creator of all. That is great service.


Did you know that serving is a love language.
If you speak this language people will be so happy with you. So speak it. It is not about being first. It is about being last so all those that you allow to be first can honour your service to them, through money, through significance, through gratitude. Don’t we all want that, so you see, you must serve because it means you will become a great person and that will make you to be a person that everyone would like to remember and you are memorable.
Amen to that,
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