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How much do you give?

It is interesting that we can notice the big contributions others make but what of the insignificant people that provide for others. The really poor people who give of the little that they have to help those in greater need than themselves. They are the amazing unsung heroes. How much do you give? In the […]

You are not rubbish, you are just dirty

You are not rubbish, you are just dirty. The dignity of the human person is immense, but we all struggle to really fathom the value of one life let alone ourselves. Christians need to have a better understanding of this than others because as Saint Paul says "we are already the children of God". In […]

Life is a box of chocolate so choose carefully

30th Sunday in ordinary time We have all heard the line from the famous movie "forest gump” when Tom Hanks Character says "Life is life a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get". But ever since I have studied coaching and researched what successful people do, I have found that […]

Service is everything

29th Sunday in ordinary time   Service is the hallmark of a great person. This week I look at Jesus' comment to his discoples while presenting a child to them: "if you want to be the greatest you must serve".   For some reason we tend to think of great leaders as those that give […]

Scripture teaches us not to be attached to things

  Introduction: Scripture is like a double edged sword, it cuts deep and reveals hidden truths. Like attachment to a material good more than a spiritual good. This often hides the fact we love comfort more than our growth and good. I find it fascinating that even though the scriptures are so old compared to […]

Know what makes for unity in your relationships

Follow this link for the readings: 27th Sunday in Ordinary time 2015 Knowing what makes for unity in your relationships: We hear in the first book of the bible about the creation of man and woman. A very symbolic and engaging account about the creative power of God and the intimate relationship between man and woman […]

Is Leadership for a cause or for a position?

Interesting read, scripture passages for the readings of Sunday 27th September 2015. They have great lessons for leadership. First reading Numbers 11:25-29 The Lord came down in the Cloud. He spoke with Moses, but took some of the spirit that was on him and put it on the seventy elders. When the spirit came on […]

Make sure you get this right, what you can do

What IS in your control and what ISN’T For a person to flourish in their life there needs to be a focus on what they CAN DO. For a person to get stuck, react negatively, fail, procrastinate, remain a victim and be in a state of hopelessness, then they are focusing on what they CANNOT […]

Make way for your Potential

“Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you but to help you realise your hidden potential and power, let difficulties know that you too are difficult” Dr Abdul Kalam. Each of us have so much potential. Do you agree with that statement? Or does it seem like a distant dream? Often seeing and […]

Know Thyself

Growing up I never put much energy into writing goals or setting outcomes. I was more interested in the journey, what will happen on the way. It was never about reaching my destination it was all about the process. The problem with this pattern of behaviour, is in making important decisions. Like, what kind of […]