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One in four people make the same new years resolution every year, of those that do make a new years resolution only 8% actually achieve it.  This is evident that many people do not know how to move towards what they want to achieve.  They don’t know how to use the power of their thinking.

My passion is to work with individuals and guide them to a better understanding of what they want and how to achieve it through self awareness around thinking and strategies that work for getting results.  So that the person can live a happy and balanced life.

I work in business’s by offering the YB12 program.  This program is a foundational program that helps individuals and groups achieve their best year yet.  It is a 12 modules program that has been approved by psychologists and tested in many industries with great results for the past 20years.  Companies including Macquarie Bank, Honda, Nissan and many others.

I have a back ground in missionary work, from working with the stolen generation in Darwin to the poor of the Philippines.  There is a Chinese proverb “give a man a fish you feed him for the day, teach him how to catch fish and you feed him for a life time”.  I like to say “solve a persons problem and you help him for the day, teach him how to think and solve his own problems and you help him for a life time”.

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