Testimonies from Renewal of the mind:

“Through filtering we can only see what we want to see”

– M, Pinzone

“How so much of what we see, hear etc, affects our attitudes; I found the exercise at the end quite amazing and very good”

– Rosie Saroni

Testimonies from Drawing on the power of Vulnerability:

“Again, all very relevant material to my needs.  Great to go over.  I will certainly be recommending this course to others.  I have gained deeper insights about myself and others.”

– Jacinta

“The workshop helped me set intentions for myself regarding authenticity – helped me give permission to always be the real me, and live more mindfully with everyone I encounter in life.”

– Nicole Stucki

“Excellent, I have attended many little courses and found this was presented differently I didn’t know what to expect, I felt free and non judgmental.  Felt it was good to be able to participate and be at my own pace.”

– Maria Grace Gibilisa

“Thank you Corey!  This course was presented very well!  You created a very safe space and uplifting environment to encourage our unique gifts through the power of vulnerability.  I would love to attend more topic specific courses like this.  Please keep me posted 🙂 Thanks again!!!”

– Ivey

“This two part course helped me in so many ways.  This course gave me a new out look for the future.”

– M, Pinzone

“I think your depth and vast knowledge on all topics you spoke about, provided a thoughtful space, and connected on many different levels.  Thank you for facilitating an open, gentle group.”

– Linda, S

Testimonies from One on one Coaching:

“Corey really helped me to work through and overcome the issues that I presented to him, getting me to really commit to making positive changes in my life. His compassionate nature and calming presence made me feel comfortable when talking to him. Life coaching with Corey definitely altered my life forthe better, leaving me feeling more confident in myself and areas of my lifewhich had previously been causing me stress. Ultimately I have been left feelinghappier, with a clearer idea of who I am what direction I want my future to go in.”

– University Student, Megan W.

“In a short time, Life Horizons Coaching has begun to provide me with a valuable tool of understanding others and myself. In becoming aware of my own thinking processes, reactions to conflict and expectations of those around me, I have been empowered to strive to grow and seek God’s will in my life. This has begun to free me so I can become the person God is calling me to be. Through self acceptance and knowledge of my own limitations, I have started to see the potential of the gifts God has given to me which are to be used for the kingdom of God and the New Evangelization as a Catholic Priest.”

– Parish Priest Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. 

“I was able to look at myself from various perspectives.  It was very inspiring and enlightening.  I am now able to apply measures to resolve problems and issues not only for myself, but also to help others I care about.”

– Alfa Z (Esteel Aust)

“The timing was impeccable.  Just when I had a life coach to lean on, two things happened to me that previous subscribers to my dramas could tell were my oldest stories – a complicated childhood relationship gone sour, and a professional insecurity brought about by a major setback when I was just starting my legal career. Probably, my life coach dealt me the truths that my friends had been saying all along, but it took this person who had not known me very long to show me the way out of the prisons in my mind.”

– Ella D. Lawyer